As part of our commitment to delivering the highest quality connected-RPA solution, we are introducing some valuable improvements with version 6.5.1, available today.

The release includes the following updates:

  • Work queue filters – The ability to filter work queues by tags and resource names in Control Room has been reintroduced.
  • TCP Port Exhaustion – Improvements have been made to ensure that closing resource connections does not result in port exhaustion errors that can impact connections with interactive clients and the scheduler.
  • Other fixes and improvements – All changes implemented in the recent 6.4.3a patch are included in this release along with a number of other fixes, such as an issue that produced a foreign key constraint error for some users when upgrading to 6.5.0.

Accessing 6.5.1 and associated user guides

You can download Blue Prism 6.5.1 and associated user guides from the customer portal under the Products tab.

Upgrading to 6.5.1

Blue Prism 6.5.1 does not require a new license key unless upgrading from version 4.2 or earlier. For information about applying the update to existing environments and further details about the changes introduced in the release, refer to the Release Notes.

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