Build Quality Checklist

This checklist provides a basic assessment of the process and object build quality against industry best practices and should be embedded in the customers delivery methodology. It does not inspect solution design, address inefficient development techniques, delivery methodology or local design authority. Review of these areas will require a seasoned Blue Prism Consultant as part of the Build Quality Assessment service. Please download the assessment tool at the bottom of this page.

Infrastructure Self-Assessment

Excel-based assessment tool to help our customers quickly identify any potential gaps or deficiencies in their infrastructure platform. Use this tool as you grow to identify areas that need attention as your capability scales out. For more detailed and tailored infrastructure assessment please consider our consultative Technical Infrastructure Assessment service.This assessment is for on-premises customers as Blue Prism Cloud customers will have the provision, scaling and security of the platform provided as part of their service. Please download the assessment tool at the bottom of this page.

Assessment Services

Blue Prism offers various structured Customer Assessment services to help you assess and evaluate the maturity of your current RPA capability against industry best practices as you progress along your Digital Workforce journey.  Key deliverables of each service are:

  • Current state summary
  • Assessment results mapped against best practices
  • Remediation actions and/or recommendations to get to next level of RPA capability.

ROM Assessment

Ideal for your first assessment to provide a high-level insight of your current state Robotic Operating Model (ROM). The focus is on evaluating all key aspects and foundations required to manage and enable an enterprise-wide Digital Workforce.

Build Quality Assessment (BQA)

Consultative assessment of customers design and build process against industry standards and best practice. Scope also includes critical review of delivered solutions and an assessment of the local design authority.

Technical Infrastructure Assessment (TIA)

A Technical Infrastructure Assessment takes the form of a structured discussion between the Blue Prism SMEs and Platform representatives of the customer and Blue Prism Professional Services team member. The discussion is focused on all Blue Prism infrastructure components and results in a detailed report containing comprehensive technological best practice advice that will enable an enterprise RPA implementation. Security, Scalability, High Availability \ Disaster Recovery and an optional deep-dive SQL health check are all covered in the assessment.

For full details, pre-requisites, scope and planning approach or to initiate an assessment please contact your Account Manager.