Blue Prism Academia Program Overview

Blue Prism Academia Program enables instructors at academic institutions to deliver authorized Blue Prism courses in a variety of settings. Students can jump-start their career and RPA knowledge with coursework through a global network of colleges and universities, and through online certification opportunities, hands-on labs, and other Blue Prism learning resources.

“We are rethinking the experience of our students and teachers. We feel the automation of key student and teacher-facing processes will improve our operational efficiency and the safety of our proprietary information. In addition, adapting our internal culture to be more digitally-minded, has been an effective way to optimize results and generate value."

Joaldo Diniz, Innovation and Services Executive Director, Ser Educacional (Brazil)

Blue Prism Academia Program Benefits

academia benefit

“This is delivering real value across multiple internal processes – optimizing service levels and delivering better experiences for both University staff and students. Overall, in the past year, 350,000 transactions have been processed, with 10,000 capacity hours released and we are heading for £2.4 million in annualized savings.”

 Wayne Andrews, Chief Financial Officer, The University of Sydney

Blue Prism Academia Program Eligibility


Blue Prism training and certification opens doors to a rewarding RPA career. Blue Prism certifications will continue to be in high demand as more companies automate their processes and move to RPA platform. By earning Blue Prism certificates, students stand out from their peers.


  • Students who are actively enrolled at an eligible institution (Graduation and Post-Graduation College or University or nonprofit).

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Blue Prism educators are the heart of the Academia program. You will help us prepare your students for in-demand jobs and certification exams. As an educator, you will be connected with other educators and invited to many professional development opportunities to learn new technologies and best practices. Even more importantly, you'll be aligning your students with a global community of RPA developers, mentors, advocates and other students excited to be learning in-demand skills.


  • Full or part-time instructors at an eligible institution.
  • Educators should attend instructor led training and should pass the post training assessments to become a certified educator.

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Blue Prism Academia Program is an educational program focused on building the RPA skills of Under Graduate and Post Graduate students.  We provide resources for educators who deliver authorized Blue Prism courses.

NOTE: Courses are not intended for non-academic purposes, such as training University IT staff or delivering for-profit training to a professionals.


  • Accredited, degree-granting higher education institutions worldwide that offer 2-, 3- or 4-year programs (or equivalent).
  • Career or technical schools offering accredited degrees or certificates through in-person or distance education programs and online universities.
  • Can be offered through continuing education and workforce development.

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