Foundation: Organization

Defining the organizational design that best supports delivery of your RPA capability and aligns with your corporate strategy and culture.

This foundation aims to help organizations deliver benefit through RPA by identifying the right structure for their program and helping drive business integration. A good organizational structure will help you achieve your company vision by ensuring the proper coordination of all activities needed throughout the life-cycle and implementation of your process automations.

This foundation covers the following:

Considerations when creating your RPA organization:

  1. Focus on long term strategic goals
  2. Consider what roles/skills are required first, not where individual talent will fit
  3. Remember it isn’t just about the structure, it’s about culture
  4. Ensure risks are identified and mitigated
  5. Be open to evolving the structure to meet changing demands
Success Accelerator

Blue Prism’s Success Accelerator program combines various levels of mentorship and access to our Expert Services, Technology Ecosystem and Certified Partners based on the size and maturity of your digital workforce operations.