Foundation: Service Model

The purpose of this foundation is to provide your RPA team with the steps to effectively deploy, support and manage your operational processes. Working with the development team and the business to ensure that the digital workforce is integrated with their human co-workers. Here we provide guidance on how to define the management, reporting, scheduling and referral handling processes for business as usual (BAU).

Once processes are deployed, the digital workforce operates as instructed with oversight being provided by the Process Controllers. The Process Controllers should have a defined communication channel and associated Service Level Agreements in place with the relevant support functions to provide maximum processing time availability and straight-through processing rates. 

We provide more detail on the key elements of the Service Foundation:

Who is responsible?

System/Infrastructure Support: All underlying application issues are managed and resolved by IT. Even if they are ultimately resolved by third party providers. Normally a ticket is raised according to existing organisational standards within their ITSM tool and handled by the appropriate application support team. 

Product Support: Blue Prism technical product issues are raised to and resolved by the Blue Prism Customer Support service.  

Process Support: Process automation issues are handled and resolved by the RPA team. They are normally identified by Process Controllers and passed on to Developers where necessary. Below is a breakdown of some of the specific support areas an RPA capability should consider:

Support Policy Agreement

The agreement should consist of the following: 

BAU Support Policy 

  • First line support: Typically, the Process Controllers will be the first line of support for any process issues. They will be contacted about operational queries/issues regarding adherence to processing SLAs, ad-hoc MI reports and so on. 
  • Second line support: This will normally be the Process Developers. They will undertake more detailed analysis of process issues and implement fixes where required.  
  • Third line support: Blue Prism Customer Support provide the last line of support. This should be invoked in the event of a Blue Prism product issue or a process related issue that cannot be resolved by the Process Developers. 

Operational Support 

The operational departments, for whom processes have been automated, should provide support around working business exceptions and identifying process refinements.  

In the policy, ensure:  

  • it is defined how business exceptions are channelled to the operational department. For example, emails or the use of a workflow tool 
  • the operations team will provide subject matter experts (SME's) to define new processes/amendments as required 
  • the operational department will act as the owner for the business process alerting the RPA team to process changes 
  • the contingency is well documented in case of any infrastructure failure. 

IT Infrastructure Support 

The IT platform will be required to support the Blue Prism processes delivered by the incumbent IT department and aligns with the corporate strategic platform. The support for this infrastructure follows standard company practice.  

In the policy, ensure it:  

  • adheres to current corporate strategy, and that the support now relates to digital workers. If a digital worker cannot work, then the contingency plan will be invoked 
  • determines if additional or current SLAs need to be reviewed for RPA to ensure they meet the requirements of a digital workforce. For example, if the digital workers work 24/7, these hours may not be covered in existing SLAs 
  • determines the support mechanism for getting IT support. What is the current strategy for a human worker? Is it going to be the same for a digital worker? 

Blue Prism Support 

Blue Prism Customer Support is committed to building an engaged customer base by providing the best possible Customer Support. We want to ensure our customers have successful deployments of their digital workforce using the Blue Prism product.  

This Portal provides customers access to additional documentation including Data Sheets, Release notes and Product documentation, Software downloads and knowledge-base articles.  Before logging an incident with Blue Prism Customer Support, we recommend you will have performed some fault finding and investigation to try and reproduce and correct the problem.  

The Process Controller
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The Control Room


Understanding the Service Foundation

Check out our Service FAQs page for those questions we hear most regularly.