The Control Room

Control Room is the area of Blue Prism in which processes that have been designed, tested and deployed can be controlled in a real world environment. The ‘environment’ within Control Room displays processes, resources and sessions.

  • A ‘process’ is defined as a business process previously designed and tested from Process Studio.
  • A ‘resource’ is a unit which performs all, or part of a process and can be either human, or more commonly, machine.
  • A ‘session’ represents a process which is currently assigned to a resource. It maintains a state (eg. Pending, Running, Completed)

Entering the Control Room 

  • The Control Room area of Blue Prism allows processes to be started and stopped and their current status assessed.
  • There are two entry points to the control room, accessed via the side bar or top menu

Control Room

Navigating the control room

Control Room Operations

Session Variables

Session Variables are exposed outside the diagram, and as the name suggests, are applicable to sessions, i.e. running Processes

Key Points

  • Session Variables are specific to that instance of the Process
  • If 2 instances of the same process are running at the same time, they will both have the same Session Variables but the Session Variables may have different values
  • Session Variables need no set up in System Manager
  • Data Items exposed as Session Variables are writable
  • Session Variables can be viewed and modified from the Control Room
Online Help

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