Foundation: Governance and Pipeline

Governance and Pipeline is the third foundation of the ROM. This foundation covers two core areas:

1) The process discovery approach to help you create a consistent and robust pipeline of process opportunities. You should also learn how to prioritise processes for automation and ensure you gain the maximum business benefit.  

2) The governance and controls that should be considered to ensure a secure and compliant digital workforce.

Process Management Policy 

It is recommended that organizations define and deploy a policy for process management to ensure they maintain a consistent pipeline of appropriate processes for automation. The Process Management Policy comprises the policies and procedures required to create a continuous pipeline of work into the Automation Program in a structured and controlled way. The key areas to consider when defining the Process Management policy are:  

The Blue Prism Process Assessment Tool

The Process Assessment Tool is a web-based solution that qualifies and scores processes in terms of automation-readiness and ease-of-implementation—with an estimate of cost savings and hours returned to the business—so you know which processes to automate in order to achieve the biggest value. Again and again.