The Governance and Pipeline foundation focuses on ensuring a Digital Workforce is well governed, secure and compliant. In this section you will find information on Governance and Controls, of both process selection and the digital workforce as a whole.

Pipeline Governance

Enforcing Governance: There are two key roles which help drive standardisation, best practice and governance within the ROM. These are the Governance Board and the Design Authority

Change Management: Once a process automation is in production, a well-defined change management policy is critical for on-going stability. Changes to business processes, regulation or the target applications can impact production processes, and therefore must be planned wherever possible. Find out more about Managing Change.


Security: Security of the Blue Prism implementation is a key part of the operating model. Every automation program should be governed by a security policy, complemented by appropriate procedures that have been agreed by all relevant parties. Find out more about Security or read our Frequently Asked Questions relating to Information Security.

Risk Management: The Blue Prism ROM covers a number of possible risks and considers how they can be mitigated in any deployment. Find out more under Managing Risk.

Data Management: Data can accumulate quickly, so it's important to establish a policy to define how long an organisation needs to hold on to specific data. Find out more about Data Management.

On-Boarding Digital Workers: The on-boarding of Digital Workers needs to be carefully considered. As with any new starter, you need to make sure your Digital Workers have the correct access and authorisations to the applications they are going to be working with, so that they have the tools they need to do the job. Find out more about on-boarding Digital Workers.

Access Control: There are many aspects of access which need to be considered in any RPA deployment, from Blue Prism software, the environment and target applications. Find out more about Access Controls.

Logging: A conscious use of the logging settings is key to preventing database, performance and archiving problems, as well as to address sensitive data policies. Find out more about data Logging

Dashboards and Reporting: Understanding how Digital Workers are performing through dashboards and reporting is key to optimising your deployment. Find out more about Dashboards and Reporting.


Success Accelerator

Blue Prism’s Success Accelerator program combines various levels of mentorship and access to our Expert Services, Technology Ecosystem and Certified Partners based on the size and maturity of your digital workforce operations.