On-Boarding Digital Workers

Digital Worker Requirements:

Somewhere to work

As with any new starter you need to make sure your Digital Workers have a desktop to work from and that the desktop has the appropriate tools to get the job done.


  • Provide virtual environment (Runtime Resource / Interactive Client)
    • Collect recommendations of the in-scope business applications to define Hardware Minimum Requirements
  • Install OS and Blue Prism software
  • Install in-scope business applications Software Prerequisites
  • Create local user account/AD account
  • Create email account (if needed)
  • Set up antivirus/firewall policy
  • Set up Login Agent
    • Apply Login Agent Mandatory Security Policies
  • Create certificate (if needed)
  • Apply System setting optimization (Screensaver, Font Smooth, etc.)

Access and Permissions

As with any new starter, you need to make sure your Digital Workers have the correct access and authorizations to the applications they are going to be working with and that they are properly on-boarded and trained. Ensure the Blue Prism Logical Access Model (LAM) is used to increase security by defining what roles and responsibilities are required within the implemented Blue Prism environments.


  • Install in-scope business applications
  • Install in-scope third-party tools (i.e. Adobe, Outlook , Office…)
  • Verify business applications licensing requirement
  • Verify prerequisites for business applications BP interaction
  • SAP – Client/Server Scripting enabled
  • Java Access Bridge (JAB) and Runtime Environments (JRE)
  • Provide access to the in-scope business applications
  • if not SSO, then the Digital Worker will require a UserID and Password to log in
  • The Digital Worker will require the same access as a human
  • Provide access to the in-scope folders / shared drives
  • Consider Cross-functional and Cross-application security policies
  • Carry out an Operational Audit overview with Audit team
  • Carry out a SOX Compliance overview with InfoSec team
Success Accelerator

Blue Prism’s Success Accelerator program combines various levels of mentorship and access to our Expert Services, Technology Ecosystem and Certified Partners based on the size and maturity of your digital workforce operations.