Process Discovery

Establishing a robust process discovery approach helps organizations to create a consistent and strong pipeline of process opportunities.

Process Discovery is the approach to objectively identify, analyze, qualify, prioritize and schedule business processes for automation. Such processes are recorded and tracked in an inventory, which forms the demand pipeline.

    Process Discovery Framework

    To generate potential opportunities to feed your pipeline, it is important to identify the areas in which to target, qualify the potential opportunities and prioritize when these will be delivered. There are three key stages of the Process Discovery Framework: Process Triage, Process Assessment and Process Analysis.

    Getting these stages right, will maximise the pipeline of opportunity available to your business.

    Process Discovery

      Questions to consider

      • Does your process discovery approach follow a structured impact assessment process?  
      • Is there an inventory tool in place to enable you to maintain an auditable record of, and report on, your process activities?  
      • Are opportunities reviewed and aligned to strategic business drivers and impact of not making the change?  
      • How do you determine the automation potential across the organization or business area to form a pipeline?  
      • Are IT responsible for defining the System Change Control Policy?  
      • Are the business responsible for defining the method for initiating and managing change requests?  
      • Is the Head of RPA responsible for defining the Process Management Policy?  
      • Does the pipeline align timescales, communicate intentions to relevant parties and/or procedures for project initiation?  
      • Are proposed automations scheduled and planned by scoring and prioritisation?  
      • Does the Head of RPA manage the process for initiating and managing change requests to existing processes?
      The Blue Prism Process Assessment Tool

      The Process Assessment Tool is a web-based solution that qualifies and scores processes in terms of automation-readiness and ease-of-implementation—with an estimate of cost savings and hours returned to the business—so you know which processes to automate in order to achieve the biggest value. Again and again.