Getting Started with Blue Prism

Starting your journey with a Digital Workforce can be challenging. There is a lot to consider and to prioritize. This page covers some of the most commonly requested information for projects starting out. We have provided links to useful information based on your skill and a quick guide to what to look out for when you start.

Read our Getting Started FAQs to help you answer those questions you are likely to hear within your organization. 

Need a bit more of a helping hand? Then join our 6-weeks ROM Essentials coaching program here.

We also recommend reading our page on the RPA Maturity Model Initialize phase which describes some of the key aspects of setting up for success early.

Finding the information relevant to you

Find out more about all the Skills and Responsibilities here.

What to look out for when you start

Delivery Methodology
Help getting started

Blue Prism’s Success Accelerator program combines various levels of mentorship and access to our Expert Services, Technology Ecosystem and Certified Partners based on the size and maturity of your digital workforce operations.