Application Assessment

An Application Assessment provides the delivery team with an opportunity to see a target application they haven't encountered before and investigate how it could be automated. Aside from technical insight, the knowledge gained will help gauge delivery and support costs to be factored into the ROI calculations.

An Application Assessment requires that both Blue Prism and the application of interest are accessible on the same machine. User accounts will be required, together with test cases to use during the assessment. Ideally the investigation will involve navigating around the application and reading and writing data. If the application is 'Live' the assessment can still be performed, provided an SME is on hand to give guidance on avoiding mistakes or unwanted updates.

The risk in not doing an assessment is that assumptions turn out to be false and the delivery effort, solution performance, or the viability of the project are compromised. Experience shows that assessing new applications (and maybe new areas of known applications) at the earliest opportunity is a vital RPA delivery practice.

Application Assessment Prerequisites

Desktop PC

Permission to use a Windows user account with access rights to network folders as required

  • Either - PC ‘admin’ rights or access to someone with those rights 
  • Or – Desktop team actioned to pre-install Blue Prism product

In scope host systems installed or accessible from the PC

  • User names and passwords for each application (or access to someone with the relevant system logon credentials)
  • User accounts to be set up with the required roles/permissions

Blue Prism installed on the PC 

  • Available in Blue Prism download area

Microsoft .Net4 Framework installed on the PC

  • Available in Blue Prism download area if required

Java Access Bridge installed on the PC (if Java applications in-scope)

  • Available in Blue Prism download area

Microsoft SQL Express installed on the PC (or access to SQL Server database)

  • A user account with ‘system admin’ rights o Minimum 2GB capacity required

Client case data

Optimum requirement is to have a dummy/test case in the production or test systems to enable navigation, read and write actions to be performed

Minimum requirement is access to case data in the test or production system. Blue Prism will navigate and read data only

Success Accelerator

Blue Prism’s Success Accelerator program combines various levels of mentorship and access to our Expert Services, Technology Ecosystem and Certified Partners based on the size and maturity of your digital workforce operations.