Delivery Approach

The Head of RPA defines the delivery methodology and is ultimately responsible for ensuring the implementation teams follow it. This section will explain the 6 phases of the Blue Prism delivery methodology.

Entry and Exit Criteria for Delivery Phases

Defining the transition between phases is a critical element in establishing a delivery methodology. Understanding what completes one phase and triggers the next is essential for planning, executing and managing progression.

Going Solo

It's normal for an immature delivery team to undertake relatively simple projects at first, and often these are delivered from inception to implementation by a single member of the team. Although such an approach is an excellent means of exposing that person to the entire delivery lifecycle, it does little to foster the teamwork required for larger projects. Solo delivery can affect the discipline and control of formal decision making and documentation, with the design and function of a solution tending to exist only in the head of the individual. Even small yet mature teams should recognize the risk of single-handed delivery and adopt a collaborative approach that will improve quality and reduce project time.

Working Together

Cooperation is key to the Blue Prism methodology and the phased approach is intended for the client and delivery teams to communicate and collaborate during a project. In simple terms, the client has to express what they require from automation for the delivery team to propose a solution, explain how it will work and what will be required to run and maintain it as part of a BAU operation.

Governing Delivery

So regardless of whether a waterfall or agile approach is favoured, understanding the juncture between the stages of delivery is vital. Documentation is merely the vehicle between these points, the type of vehicle is of less importance than its purpose. Within this section you will find multiple document templates to download (at the bottom of each page), but remember they are just that - templates. The Blue Prism methodology is not about slavishly writing documents, but rather it is about acknowledging and governing the delivery progression. Whether this is done using the Blue Prism templates or via some other conduit is irrelevant, it is the activity, the thinking, the collaboration and the agreement that the mechanism represents that is critical.

The 6 Phases of Delivery

Tips for Delivery Methodology

  • Use the Blue Prism methodology as the foundation for one that fits your organization
  • Combine Blue Prism recommendations with your own practices to create an RPA delivery methodology that works for you
  • Define an RPA methodology that recognizes its differences from traditional software delivery
  • Ensure the methodology enables you to meet requirements, benefit the Business and drive towards the Vision
  • Divide your methodology in to phases and focus on the entry and exit criteria required to progress between the phases
  • Define how your methodology aligns with your current procedures for managing risk, security and change

Delivery Checklist