It is important that the delivery team cultivates an agreed approach for building Blue Prism RPA solutions.

Projects should be delivered collaboratively rather than as a solo effort. Rather, the team should work together according to the agreed methodology and standards. These will not appear fully formed overnight but will evolve over time as a team’s experience and skill grows.

Deciding, defining and agreeing what to build, how and when requires discussion, demonstration, consensus and planning contribution from the business, IT, RPA management and the delivery team. Successful delivery is founded on careful planning and agreement of requirements, scope, design, test strategy, risk acknowledgment, success criteria and operational and support models.

What are the key input and output documents for the Build phase?

  • Process Definition Document (PDD)  
  • Solution Design Document (SDD)  
  • Object Design Instructions (ODI) 
  • Process Design Instructions (PDI) 
  • Operational Impact Document (OID)
  • Business Object Library (BOL)
  • Design Control Checklist (DCC)
  • Testing Approach
  • Test Acceptance Criteria
  • Configuration Test Plan 
  • Configuration Test Results
  • Test Scripts
  • Business Object Library (BOL) - Updated
  • Peer/Build/QA Review

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