The Governance Board


The Governance Board will set the strategy for RPA and deliver against that strategy. The Board will be comprised of the Head of RPA and representatives from IT and the Business. The Board will prioritize the demand for processes being selected for automation ensuring the associated business benefit is recorded.


  • Demand Management
    • Ultimate gate-keeper for all demand generated via the pipeline
    • Responsible for defining and prioritizing the RPA change schedule
    • Ensure consistency and visibility of demand management decisions
    • Define the demand qualification, assessment, prioritisation and benefits realisation criteria
  • Demand Generation 
    • Promote the benefits of RPA throughout the organization 
    • Identify and qualify RPA opportunities
  • Benefits Realization
    • Accountability for defining success criteria and benefits realization tracking for RPA initiatives
    • Responsible for communicating RPA success across the organization
  • Program Steering
    • Decision-making forum for all strategic business and technical design challenges occurring during the delivery
    • Providing an escalation point for critical delivery issues and risks
  • Continuous Improvement
    • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Providing sponsorship for Continual Improvement initiatives
    • Identifying opportunities to drive greater value from RPA 


  • Chairs the Governance Board
  • Accountable to executive management for business performance of the RPA capability
  • Ensures the Governance Board meet regularly and predictably to discuss new candidates 
  • Acknowledges ownership and accountability for development and delivery of the demand pipeline
  • Ensure a Governance Board is in place consisting of proven decision-making members
  • Ensure responsibility for reviewing and approving changes as well as new automation requests
  • Create a set of criteria that must be met before any process moves to the build prioritisation phase
  • Ensure a proven process discovery tool is in place to identify and prioritise process automation candidates
  • Responsible for managing inward and outward dependencies with IT.
  • Gatekeeper for demand on RPA capability from IT
  • Establishing the digital workers have the applicable applications / systems required
  • Flagging any potential obstacles to automating proposed processes such as scheduled application changes
  • Responsible for ensuring proposed process automations meet all necessary requirements from an environment perspective.  
  • Consumer of services provided by RPA capability - responsible for managing alignment with business strategy
  • Accountable for the benefits realization of processes
  • Responsible for the prioritisation of processes based on business requirements
  • Ensure there are no business obstacles which may impact proposed automations
  • Ensuring a good mix of people from across the business units are represented
  • Act as RPA Evangelists to ensure RPA capabilities are demonstrated to the organization.

Governance Board Checklist

  • Is there a signed off and proven Governance Board in place?
  • Has the Governance Board been assigned objectives and responsibilities?
  • Do objectives support delivery of the associated business benefits?
  • Is the RPA Governance Board made up of the right people?
  • Do key decisions rest within the RPA Governance Board?
  • Does the Governance Board meet regularly?
  • Are Operations represented on the Governance Board?
  • Do IT representatives participate in the Governance Board?
  • Does the Head of RPA chair the Governance Board?
  • Have the RPA members been successfully trained on the Process Discovery of possible automations?
  • Does the Governance Board have proven decision-making members from RPA, Business and Technology?
  • Does the Governance Board have a signed off Terms of Reference from all representatives?
  • Has criteria been defined that must be met before any process moves forward?
  • Are responsibilities defined to prioritize the demand for processes being selected for automation?
  • Does the Governance Board track the benefits of automated Process?
  • Does the Governance Board go through any analysis criteria such as, Case Time, Volumes, and Process Complexity?
  • Is the Governance Board utilized as an escalation point for final decisions to resolve challenges?
  • Does the Governance Board communicate out success to the organization?
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