The Blue Prism Process Controller supports and administers the day to day running of Blue Prism processes in the live environment.

The Process Controller will schedule and run Blue Prism processes, ensure the stability of the Blue Prism IT environment, investigate any issues in the live processes, and raise change requests or support calls where required.

  • Daily administration of the Blue Prism live environment (running processes, maintaining resource PCs, viewing logs etc)
  • Case Management, managing and allocating process workloads
  • Managing and investigating exceptions (Business and System Exceptions)
  • Basic Process Studio and Object Studio skills
  • Solving issues that arise in the day to day running of Blue Prism processes and assisting in the provision of timely responses and solutions as required
  • Communicating with Blue Prism on software related issues, suggesting improvements and participating with other users in the Blue Prism community.
  • Good organisational skills, to schedule processes, monitor resources, and log issues
  • A basic understanding of business processes. Capable of analysing a process
  • An enquiring mind, good at problem solving
  • Good inter-personal communication skills – able to explain issues to a Blue Prism expert and follow instructions accurately.

*Responsibilities may vary between organisations and these are meant as a guideline

Getting Started
Blue Prism University

Blue Prism University provides mature upskilling paths for all roles with formal certificates for the principal roles