ROM Architect

The ROM Architect is responsible for managing the creation of the Blue Prism delivery capability within an organization.

The ROM Architect shall operate in a lead consultancy role to help define and roll out the optimal approach to create an RPA Capability within and across an organization. This approach will be based on industry best practice and will be tailored to meet the specific needs and dynamics of the organization. The ROM Architect may be an external partner resource or may be part of the role of the Head of RPA.

The ultimate objective is to achieve Certification that the key aspects of the ROM (Vision, Organization, Governance and Pipeline, Delivery Methodology, Service Model, People and Technology) have been implemented in a manner that maximizes the business benefit from the Blue Prism powered Digital Workforce. 

  • Engage with Senior Stakeholders to establish the governance and communication model that underpins the delivery of rapid, successful process automations with full visibility of the expected and actual business benefit.
  • Engage with the Business to create an approach for identifying, quantifying and prioritising the pipeline of business process automation candidates.
  • Liaise with IT to establish a serviced, supported, scalable and secure technical environment that scales in line with predicted Business Demand.
  • Implement the Framework that underpins the rapid and repeatable delivery of process automation and ongoing scheduling, monitoring and evolution of the automated processes to increase and continually improve the business benefit.
  • Establish the change management procedures such that system and business change cycles are reflected in the operational processes in a timely and accurate manner
  • Work with and provide guidance to the Head of RPA in establishing a team of suitably experienced, trained and accredited resources in line with demand across the entire delivery and support life-cycle.
  • A proven Change Manager/leader, with the drive and enthusiasm to revolutionise the way an Organisation can build and utilise their RPA Capability.
  • Capacity to plan, coordinate and drive the implementation of a RPA Vision.
  • Proven track record of implementing and building Organisational Changes – both operationally and technically.
  • Strong communication and consulting skills, in particular, stakeholder building and management.   Liaise with senior level external supplier and internal stakeholder representatives in a rational and measured manner to communicate project progress, issues, risks and solutions.
  • Ability to engage and manage Senior Stakeholders in complex environments. Control meetings and ensure the attendees are focussed on achieving the predefined objectives.
  • Ability to coach and motivate teams to think differently.
  • An understanding of, and experience in Business Change Management and Transformational Change.
  • A good background in strategy theory (i.e. defining reporting and monitoring KPIs, building business cases etc)
  • A good understanding of project management, and delivery methodologies such as AGILE, Waterfall and V Model.
  • A strong background on RPA market and RPA technologies.
  • A good understanding of process mapping and continuous improvement methodologies such as LEAN, Six Sigma and BPR.

*Responsibilities may vary between organisations and these are meant as a guideline

Getting Started
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