Solution Designer

A Blue Prism Solution Designer is responsible for designing efficient, resilient, scalable, secure and reusable unattended Blue Prism solutions that adhere to Blue Prism solution design best practices. 

This page outlines the responsibilities, skills and aptitudes required for the skill. This spec is intended to assist in the selection of the appropriate resource from your organization.

  • Create and maintain high quality solution design documentation that adheres to the Blue Prism delivery methodology in accordance with standard Blue Prism design principles, conventions and best practices.  
  • Meticulously analyse Process Definition Documents to capture all the business process steps in solution designs and consider accompanying factors such as recoverability, scalability, resilience and case management to ensure solution designs meet all requirements. 
  • Work and communicate with various parts of the business to define detailed and exact requirements required for solution design.   
  • Consider additional factors such as license utilisation, local data preservation and security policies when designing Blue Prism automation solutions. 
  • Present and explain solution design decisions and justifications in design walk through sessions with senior stakeholders, developers and IT representatives. 
  • Form part of a Design Authority to take responsibility for maintaining the development integrity of the Blue Prism solution and constituent processes and objects.  
  • Provide architectural control over solution designs to ensure consistency and continuity across the company’s delivery teams. 
  • Engage in peer review sessions for the review of new solution designs and provide feedback and recommendations to address any gaps found in artefact review. 
  • Support the development team during testing and rollout phases. 
  • The ability to methodically solve business and technical problems using innovative and well-planned approaches. 
  • The ability to learn quickly and progress rapidly from theoretical exercises to real world delivery and mentoring tasks. 
  • The aptitude to contribute to the evolution of methodologies and procedures in a controlled manner to continually improve a rapid and repeatable delivery channel. 
  • Good communication skills with the ability to present technical details to a non-technical audience. 
  • The ability to work with a structured and methodical approach, combined with an enquiring mind.  
  • An aptitude for problem solving, with the ability to take a logical route to the source of an error. 
  • A self-starter who delivers high quality work and can adapt to new challenges, either on their own or as part of a team. 
  • A comprehensive and evident understanding of the capabilities of Blue Prism and the full scope of what can be achieved with the Blue Prism solution. 
  • Blue Prism development experience as an Accredited Blue Prism Developer. 
  • Knowledge of complementary technologies such as OCR solutions that can be leveraged to enhance the functionality of Blue Prism. 
  • The skills to design and document supportable and extensible developments and the ability to support and maintain the work of other solution designers, developers and testers. 
  • Excellent written skills with the ability to produce clear and concise documentation. 
  • An understanding of formal change control procedures and disciplines. 
  • A strong software background. 
  •  Good experience in project delivery methodologies (i.e. AGILE, Waterfall, V Model) 

*Responsibilities may vary between organisations and these are meant as a guideline

Getting Started
Blue Prism University

Blue Prism University provides mature upskilling paths for all roles with formal certificates for the principal roles