Operations and Insight

The elements below should be considered as important for any Blue Prism implementation. 

Remote Access Tools

In order to underpin a secure physical or virtual infrastructure, Blue Prism recommends the use of remote access technology to configure, control and monitor Blue Prism solution components. The data sheets at the bottom of this page (and in our Documents section) provide guidance on the types of remote access tools that are suitable as well as the features and considerations that should be applied when selecting a technology. 

Session Logs Archive

Blue Prism can log all stages of the process and its objects to the central session log, providing a transparent and detailed audit trail of all process activity. A data policy should be created to define the policies regarding data held in Blue Prism work queues and logs. Depending on the level of detail selected, the session logs can begin to consume a large amount of disk space. A sensible archive strategy will allow the production database size to be kept to a minimum whilst still allowing retrieval of log files, should business units require them. This mitigates the critical failure due to lack of disk space. 

An archive policy should be created and documented. It will need to be reviewed periodically, as more and more processes are automated. Similarly, Work Queue Items, Schedule logs and Audit Information in the Database should also be house kept. Information in these tables will remain indefinitely unless a maintenance plan is put in place to control the amount of data. Pre-made SQL scripts to do these actions are available from Blue Prism Global Customer Support on request.


A clear backup policy for automated processes should exist. This includes processes in production and development. This allows normal operation to resume in the event of any data losses on the database server. A centralized, nightly backup of the database server is recommended. In addition to a Full backup, Differential Backups should be taken hourly and Transaction log backups should be made regularly (every 15 minutes is the recommend cadence). Any backups taken should be stored securely and/or in line with any Industry Compliance.

Other organizations may wish to implement a secondary layer of backup for further assurance, using the Blue Prism software product's export facility to backup Processes and Objects. The backup policy should be documented and regularly reviewed as part of the Robotic Operating Model creation. 


The below details the methods and techniques that can be used to monitor a Blue Prism implementation. It covers both alerting and reporting of process exceptions as well as the monitoring of the components of the Blue Prism infrastructure such as Interactive Clients, Application Server(s), Runtime Resources and SQL Databases.


In addition to the functionality provided within Control Room for controlling and monitoring the runtime resources, additional notifications about Processes and Schedules can be provided through use of Alerts.