High Availability and Disaster Recovery

Where Blue Prism is running business critical automated processes, the consequence of a production environment failure preventing the successful running of these processes can be serious.  

Consideration should therefore be given to:  

  • The creation of a Disaster Recovery environment to act as a contingency production environment.  
  • The procedures involved in invoking DR  
  • The procedures involved in returning to the Business As Usual production environment  
  • The frequency of testing the DR environment and associated procedures.  

From a technical perspective High Availability and Disaster Recovery can be achieved by such concepts as:

  • Component redundancy. Having n+1 components in your Blue Prism environment.
  • Using Load Balancers across multiple Application Servers.
  • Spreading Blue Prism infrastructure across multiple, geographically spread sites.
  • SQL Database HA concepts such as:
    • Clustering
    • Always On Availability Groups
    • Mirroring
    • Log shipping
    • Multi-site replication.
  • Keeping offsite Backups
  • Taking advantage of Blue Prism Resource Pools
  • Resilient Process Design
  • Monitoring components vigilantly.         

Refer to the Customer Support Procedures for how to raise an incident with Blue Prism Customer Support

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