Scaling your Blue Prism Platform

The following demonstrates how to scale a Blue Prism installation from a small-scale environment to an enterprise-sized environment

Most Blue Prism customers grow their capability very quickly once the benefits of RPA are realized. This growth can often happen too quickly, without the correct forethought, preparation and infrastructure, which can lead to performance issues and/or a loss in service.

The advice given here is intended to provoke the thought and actions required to make a smooth transition from a small to a medium or large sized Version 6 Blue Prism implementation.

Many customers choose to create new infrastructure when jointly scaling and upgrading. This is generally a good tactic, as many customers fall into the trap of starting out with a small environment and scaling within that environment until they reach the infrastructure capacity. Much of the advice in this page is geared around a concurrent upgrade and scale action.

Given the broad range of factors that can affect performance of the Blue Prism software, Blue Prism does not warrant that the Blue Prism software will perform to a particular standard, or that a particular configuration will meet the performance expectations of a customer. Blue Prism recommends that customers ramp up their environments in a carefully controlled manner in order to identify and resolve any factors that may impact software performance.

Key Actions

Numerous aspects need to be considered before embarking upon an upscale exercise. Each will be explained in more detail later in the section, but to summarize, the following are most important

  • Infrastructure specification - Does your infrastructure have the capacity to grow to the size you predict?
  • SQL considerations - maintenance, tuning, sizing etc.
  • Data Archiving - Is your session log archiving procedure set up correctly and apt for you needs?
  • Public Cloud considerations - Do you have the correct configuration?
  • Load Balancing - Will you require load balancing in your larger environment?
  • Control Room - Do you have enough, or too many Control Room personnel?
  • Are you on the right Blue Prism version? Blue Prism, like all software has end-of-life dates.

Before you start

Before embarking upon a scaling implementation, it is important to have a clear indication of how large, in terms of the number of Runtime Resources and Licences, you expect to grow to. Although the utilization of Runtimes can and does differ from installation to installation a Blue Prism implementation can be arbitrarily classified in size by the number of Runtime Resources. This number does not have to be exact, but it is important to predict to the nearest 50.

In order to be able to make this prediction it is important that a comprehensive Process Discovery exercise has been completed. Find out more about Process Discovery.

Infrastructure considerations 

Further Considerations