AKA Process Analyst or Business Analyst

The Analyst captures the detailed key stroke level mapping instructions of what the human workers perform when completing the process. This level of detail would be required for processes identified for automation. The Analyst will also be capturing the non-functional requirements of how the process is being conducted on a day to day basis to ensure the automated solution achieves the maximum business benefits.

This page outlines the responsibilities, technical skills and aptitudes required for the skill. This page is intended to assist in the selection of the appropriate resource for your organization.

  • Document business processes clearly and to the granular level of detail that is required for a Blue Prism automated solution.
  • Identify or support the creation of all appropriate use cases/process scenarios and their expected outcomes that will be used during the delivery lifecycle for the process.
  • Capture the level of detail required for Blue Prism Developers to understand and convert into the design of a scalable and robust automated solution.
  • Support, assess and validate the automated activities with a subject matter expert (SME) during any verification and user acceptance testing as this will determine if a solution has fulfilled the requirements.
  • Work closely with Blue Prism Developers so that they understand the process and assist with the creation of their solution design, ensuring they deliver a solution that meets the business requirements.
  • Acting as a central point of knowledge and control for business processes, communicating with the developers, subject matter experts (SMEs) and the business process owners to answer any queries that arise during the development and testing of an automated solution. 
  • Provide support to ensure that the operations team are happy with the scope defined in the necessary documents used to capture requirements, whilst ensuring the development team have the necessary detail to carry out the sufficient designs.
  • An enquiring mind, the process analyst will be needed to analyse and question existing processes to ensure a full and correct understanding is gained.
  • Previous experience of business processes is preferable, to aid a quick understanding of new processes that require evaluation.
  • The process analyst will be needed to analyse and question existing processes to ensure a full and correct understanding is gained.
  • Good inter-personal communication skills, communicating with subject matter experts, business process owners, and the Blue Prism development team to help ensure the automated solution is correct.
  • Able to work effectively with technical and non-technical stakeholders at all levels within the ability to present information in an accurate and appropriate format.
  • Enthusiasm, attention to detail and a demonstrated capability for problem solving and creating and enhancing business processes.
  • Good written skills with the ability to produce clear, detailed and accurate documentation. Prior experience of using flow diagrams would be beneficial.
  • Good experience in requirements management to capture business processes using both existing process documentation and process walk-throughs with the staff performing the process.
  • Experience in facilitating workshops and interviews to gather requirements and analyse and improve existing processes.
  • Good experience in process mapping techniques (i.e. Process flow maps, IDEF0 diagrams, UML diagrams etc.).
  • Good understanding of delivery methodologies (i.e. AGILE, Waterfall, V Model).
  • Good knowledge in Continuous Improvement methodologies (i.e. LEAN, Six Sigma, BPR).

*Responsibilities may vary between organisations and these are meant as a guideline

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