Career Pathways

It is recommended that all members of an RPA team, are given the opportunity to develop their skills and careers. HR can support you on this as it can provide you with the policies and suggested succession planning approach that the organization is following to develop employees. 

Currently Blue Prism provide certification and certification paths for the following skills:

  • Developer
  • Professional Developer
  • Solution Designer
  • Technical Architect
  • Installation Engineer
  • ROM Architect

Find out about each of the Career Pathways in more detail here

It is recommended that all team members pursue Foundation Training to gain a solid grounding in the Blue Prism product.

Head of RPA, Delivery Leads, or anyone in a leadership position should consider the ROM Architect path for their development. This would also provide great value for anyone in an Analysis role. 

Those involved in building and managing the platform should consider the Technical Architect and Installation pathways.

Finally, anyone in a development position should look to develop their skills through the Developer, Professional Developer and Solution Design certification. Test Analysts may find great value in the Developer path also, as would Controllers looking to increase their skills in managing the control room and troubleshooting issues. 

Succession Planning and Career Management

Part of talent management should focus on the ability to retain high-quality employees and continue to maximize their contribution to the organization through all the RPA maturity stages. The creation and development of a CoE talent pipeline is advised to be consisted by succession planning and career management.

Succession planning ensures that an organization is creating a “talent pipeline”. By developing a skilled pool of resources, that are capable of filling key positions in the COE, you will be able to maintain and grow the success of the RPA program over time.

It is highly recommended that RPA team members have a clear career pathway to ensure talent is retained in a competitive field. Every organization has its own succession planning and performance management processes and policies governed by HR. As a general note though, talent retention and development shall include:

  • Offering a long term career perspective
  • Suggesting stability and security
  • Indicating the possibility of future progress and rewards
  • Providing future goals for employees
  • Influencing employees’ behavior in desirable actions (soft skills)
  • Shaping their organizational identity.


Blue Prism University

Blue Prism University provides mature upskilling paths for all roles with formal certificates for the principal roles