The Robotic Operating Model


The Robotic Operating Model (ROM) is Blue Prism’s industry leading approach to successfully deliver maximum business benefit through the scaled deployment of Robotic Process Automation (RPA). It has been developed based on more than a decade of experience and knowledge of deploying Blue Prism at scale in countries and industries across the globe.

The ROM has been designed to integrate fully with an organization's existing change management systems, thereby removing the need for additional procedural and governance obligations.

Why the ROM?

Getting started with RPA is easy. Blue Prism can be deployed and developers can start building processes at great speed. But if you want to deploy a Digital Workforce to deliver strategic benefits and reap the rewards of freeing up your workforce to achieve the results you want, an operating model is essential. The ROM provides the foundations and guidance to help you discover, deliver and service your Digital Workforce. The ROM helps you identify the people needed to do this successfully and outlines the technology on which to build a robust platform for your new virtual teams. 

You don't need to follow everything prescriptively. You don't need every template. You don't need every role or skill from the start. 

However, the ROM will help you establish a solid foundation from which to grow from, no matter your ambitions. The ROM will help you avoid common pitfalls. The ROM will help you be successful.

There are 7 foundations of the ROM

  • VisionCreate a vision for your digital workforce based on organizational strategy and goals, that support long-term intelligent automation success
  • Organization: Defining the organizational design that best supports delivery of your RPA capability and aligns with your corporate strategy and culture is essential
  • Governance and Pipeline: Assess and select processes to build a sustainable automation pipeline and implement governance for a controlled and secured digital workforce.
  • Delivery MethodologyDefine the optimal delivery approach and embed policies for rapid and efficient automation in a structured, controlled and repeatable manner
  • Service ModelSupport operational processes while defining the management, reporting, scheduling and referral handling processes for business as usual
  • People: Build teams with the appropriate roles and skills to help build and run a successful digital workforce
  • Technology: Define a highly scalable technical architecture and the associated growth strategies to generate maximum business benefit.
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