Environment Testing

If a solution is to run in a new or changed environment, for example when a new process is promoted to a higher environment, then testing must be performed to ensure the environment is set up for the solution to be able to work correctly.

The following are typical steps that should be taken during environment testing:

  • The environment should be checked to ensure it has been set up as expected.
  • All Blue Prism peripherals required by the solution (e.g. work queues created, credentials set up, environment variables configured) should be checked.
  • All machines are configured as required, e.g. application user accounts, network paths, the screen resolution etc.
  • Test rigs (see the previous Testing sections) should be run for each application.
  • Gradual roll out, one machine and one case at a time to prove the environment is sound.
  • Environments may run at different speeds and case times should be evaluated to ensure that performance levels can be met with the available digital workers.
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