Regression Testing

Any application, process or environment change should be fully regression tested. Regression testing should not only ensure that the change made to a process or object works, but also that any unchanged but related objects or processes still work as expected.

The following steps should be taken during regression testing:

  • The development team should be included in application change notifications, so that adequate time is given to assess the impact and design, implement and test any changes required.
    • An emergency change protocol should also be devised for when such notifications are not given or are not available.
  • Before changing any shareable asset like a business object or environment variable, the potential impact of the change on all related processes must be assessed.
  • For any objects or processes that are changed, all the steps outlined on this page can be followed for regression testing. For example, test rigs should be used to test changes to objects.
    • Depending on the size of the change, less time will be required for regression testing than was required for originally testing the process.

If a process is changed, the documentation (solution design, test scripts, business continuity plan etc) should also be updated and kept up to date. Inaccurate project documentation will hamper the ability to recover from a disaster or plan for a Blue Prism upgrade.

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