Organizational Model: Divisional Alliance

In this example model, the Divisional Alliance is a group of business areas with independent RPA teams, who all voluntarily agree to follow a consistent best practice.

For example, an RPA deployment might start in HR, Finance and Operations, or perhaps in multiple countries in a global company. Each of these areas deliver process automation only for their own area. This silo'd approach is common in global organizations, but can often be seen in businesses who are relatively new to automation and start with different pilots in different areas. However, even where deployment is divisionally delivered, it is still possible to form an alliance with other business areas to share best practices and agree to follow similar standards. We refer to this model as the Divisional Alliance.

Divisional Alliance

How do processes flow through the organization?

Each business area funnels processes for automation into their own Centre of Excellence. Process SMEs from the business area then work with the COE team to define and test processes. Processes are automated by the individual COE delivery teams. A COE may have more than one delivery team, with each team delivering a process.


  • Full control over all aspects of the RPA program
  • Business led delivery capability
  • Business prioritizes against own plan and demands
  • Minimal dependency on other business areas
  • Share best practices and lessons learned across the business areas
  • Can share a platform with other Business Areas to reduce Total Cost of Ownership
  • Agility to make decisions quickly on new complimentary tech
  • Share best practices and lessons learned across the business areas which can drive consistency and speed of delivery  


  • Not scalable across the organization
  • Can lead to duplication of hardware infrastructure and Blue Prism deliverables 
  • Potentially inefficient duplication of skills across the organization
  • This duplication can increase costs, especially when looking to scale across the organization
  • Multiple unconnected and competing RPA Teams can lead to internal conflict


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